David Carr

Position: Live Show Correspondent (Los Angeles)

Location: Long Beach, CA

Bio:David Carr is the assistant director of new teacher development and recruitment for a charter school management organization. David divides his time between going to education job fairs, both in and out of state, to recruit the most outstanding candidates to teach in charter schools throughout the greater Los Angeles area. When he is not working with first year teachers, he is a freelance writer, interviewing bands/artists and writing reviews of CDs and live shows. David was a 1993 Los Angeles Teach for America corps member. David is also a featured writer for Associated Content, an online magazine. He has taught at Compton High School Franklin Middle School, Animo Venice Charter High School and was a Teach for America program director in Los Angeles from 1998-2001.

Likes: Rock, alternative, hip-hop, punk, reggae, funk, blues, old school soul, metal - Foo Fighters, King’s of Leon, The Roots, TV On the Radio, Living Colour, Common, De La Soul, Social Distortion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs…the list goes on and on!

Columns At CWG: Reality Check, The Features

Twitter: Twitter.com/dcarr70

Facebook: Facebook.com/home.php?#/davidcarr70?ref=profile

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