Michael Raysses

Position: Contributing Writer (Politics)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Bio:Born in Gary, Indiana, (yes, that Gary, Indiana), Raysses is an ex-attorney-turned-writer/actor. Having a profound love for the classics, he has fashioned a writing career that harkens back to another era—which is to say, he writes. Author of the syndicated column Greek to Me, Raysses’ work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times Sunday magazine. He contributed to the New York Times bestseller The Right Words at the Right Time, Volume 2. Raysses has also lent his pen (and voice) to National Public Radio’s Day to Day Show, contributing several pieces of commentary to that program.

In life as in his writing, Raysses appreciates candor. To that end, he is currently looking for creative ways to avoid finishing a first draft of his memoirs, entitled “Lies I’ve Told Myself.”

Musically speaking, Raysses was the little-known sixth member of the Spice Girls, Old. Since being drummed out of the band, he has refocused his efforts on creating a Dixie Chicks tribute band comprised entirely of post-operative transsexual men-to-women called the Chicksie Dicks.

Hope springs infernal…

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